Monday, February 18, 2013

happy birthday to me!

        Okay so as many of you know, my birthday was on Valentine’s day! I turned the big 21! Now I know what you are thinking and no....I did not get drunk and go crazy with my girlfriends. It was a Thursday and I had class the next day. AND I am much more responsible than that ;) But if you must know, yes I did have a drink (or two) at dinner…Moving on…

        This birthday was one of the best. Not because I can drink….but because I got to spend it with some of my best girlfriends. I have to give some props to my girls with boyfriends who came to dinner with me and postponed their Valentine plans. Like I said, they are the best. We went to Dave’s Taverna downtown (for those of you who know nothing about Harrisonburg, it’s the classic downtown restaurant) and had so much fun. The only people in the restaurant were a million couples and us…. Needless to say, we had lots of fun ‘couple watching’ during dinner :) 

My wonderful housemates at dinner

        So I’m sure you are all wondering what Mr. Wonderful did for my birthday. I kept telling myself he was going to fly up and surprise me because he has President’s Day off…..and no, that didn’t happen. Bummer. BUT let me tell you what he did do! I got a big package with the logo of a big strawberry on the front. Oh yes, he sent me a dozen HUGE chocolate covered strawberries! He sure knows the way to my heart! As if that wasn’t enough; later in the afternoon I got a delivery of a beautiful arrangement of roses and daises! *Daisies are my favorite…they aren’t just randomly there* Can you say boyfriend of the year!? He sure makes a girl feel special from 13 hours away :)

I ate one before I took this picture....oops!

        Overall, my birthday was a huge success. I got lots of loving cards in the mail from friends and family to top it all off. And I have to mention my awesome brother. He called me at midnight so that he was the first person to wish me happy birthday. Isn’t he the sweetest!? I can only hope that when I have kids, they will be as close as we are! I’m going home this weekend to celebrate my birthday with my fantastic family. I can't wait to be loved on some more :) What can I say….I AM the baby of the   family ;)

        I’m sure I feel like this on every birthday, but I felt extra loved on this one. I was so full of joy all day long and I have my friends and family to thank for that. The Lord has seriously blessed me this past year and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for me this year!


love yall!

Friday, September 7, 2012

life update

Life update!

Hello everyone! Since I have been a major slacker, here is an update from about the last 4 months!


            After finals, I got to go to the beach with sus! We, of course, went to Isle of Palms, SC! We had a blast as usual! Its always so much fun to have a girls trip with my mom! Pretty much all we did was wake up early for the gorgeous sunrises, drink lots of coffee, read, eat delicious food, and soak up a little sun! Here are a few pictures from the trip!
lunch at SNOB!

            When the beach trip was over, it was back to reality…school. Yes, I took summer classes and it was as enjoyable as it sounds. You got it, awful. I took a climatology class and a math class. There were about 10 people in my math class and 6 people in my climatology class. I had math from 9 – 11:15 and climatology from 12:10 – 3 everyday. Math was unbearable but climatology wasn’t too bad! We got to do lots of activities and we had class outside a few times. Classes were hard but totally worth it.

            Memorial Day weekend was the most eventful and most exciting! Barrett graduated from west point!! My parents and I went up to west point for a long weekend to celebrate with allllll the LeHardys! We had the absolute best time! Like I have mentioned before, Barrett has a spectacular family! They are so welcoming and treat everyone like a part of the family! As I expected, my parents fit right it and had so much fun! There was a parade, awards ceremony, banquet dinner, and then the ceremony! Here are a few pictures!

Swearing in as a 2nd Lieutenant
so proud!
Graduation ceremony 

          A week after Barrett’s graduation, we went to Kiawah, SC with his family for their annual beach trip! This was my second year going to Kiawah and it was even better than the first time. If yall have never been to Kiawah, I really encourage you to go! It is so cute and homey. One thing I especially love is that there aren’t a blue million people there! Memaw and Granddad (LeHardy grandparents) have a house in Kiawah that we stay in. It is right across the street from the ocean and it’s a perfect biking distance from almost everything on the island! At the beach, Barrett and I decided to make a short trip down to Savannah, GA for a couple days after we left the beach! I adore Savannah and it just so happens that Barrett has a lot of family history there! Here are a couple pictures from the beach!

family pyramid

          My small group leader Emma got married! She is such a gentle, sweet girl and I love her to death! She and Caleb got married in Danville the first weekend in June. A bunch of small group girls came and stayed at my house the night before the split up their long drive back to norther va and pa! We had so much fun and Emma looked beautiful on her big day :) 

some sonflowers at my house!
me and emma!
emma and caleb!

          Okay yall, those of you from Virginia will probably be very surprised to hear this…I went to Busch Gardens for the FIRST TIME. Oh my goodness. Sus and the gov have been holding out on me! It was so so so much fun! I went with my girl Jenny and we had a blast! She had a taekwondo tournament in Richmond that weekend and I wanted to go! Jenny has been to so many cheerleading competitions and she is always there to support me and I wanted to go and support her! It was my very first tkd tournament too! As you probably already guess, jenny is kind of a bada$$. And by kind of, I mean totally! She killed it at tournament! She came in 1st in sparring and 2nd in forms! She is so awesome and I am so proud of her!
yeah she is a black belt...nbd

          I spent August trying to soak up every little bit of summer I had left before school started again. Jenny’s family just got a lake house at smith mountain lake and we took many trips down there! The lake is one of my favorite places because you have the water and the gorgeous country surroundings! After many, many failed attempts, I finally learned how to wakeboard! Jenny and Caroline are the most supportive coaches! Of course they are both pros and I looked like an idiot but its just another fun thing we can all share! We have a bunch of different futures we have planned out for ourselves and our latest one….be professional wakeboarders. Ill keep yall posted on that one :)


          Something very exciting happened this August…Sus turned 50! We didn’t even have to drag her into the BIG 5-0 kicking and screaming! She danced all the way there! The Sunday before her birthday, Susan Lower and mom’s Sunday school class planned a surprise breakfast for her in Sunday school! She had no idea and it was so fun to celebrate with her Sunday school family! Susan Lower and AJ (aunt Janet, mom’s youngest sister) planned a big surprise party for her the day before her birthday! We were afraid something would slip up in conversation and she would find out, but luckily that didn’t happen! They rented a big shelter at the park, we decorated everything in pink and black, there was a ton of food, and so many more friends and family came to celebrate! It was such a great party! And for future reference, Susan Lower is the queen of party planning! The parties were great and mom was completely surprised both times! She can be a little clueless sometimes…bless her little heart :)
birthday diva at the park! 
Sunday school party

          As the summer wound down, there were several tear-filled goodbyes between the girls and me. Being a junior in college and having said bye to them bunches of times it somehow never gets easier. But I think that’s a good thing! Caroline and Jenny are without a doubt two of my best best friends in the whole world.

          The majority of my summer was spent hanging out with my fabulous mother! She is seriously the best mom/woman on earth. I know I’m a little bias, but she rocks! We would wake up every morning, drink coffee, and watch Live! With Kelly! Occasionally we would watch the Today Show hour with Kathy Lee and Hoda but mom usually had writing to do so I would watch them! We got to spend a lot of time together and I loved every minute of it. Saying goodbye to her was by far the hardest one. I always cry like a little baby when I have to leave home…while I was packing, she would come in my room as ask ‘why are you packing? You aren’t going anywhere!’ You could say that we were in total denial and that made it harder to say goodbye. She is such a woman of God and such a role model to me and all my girlfriends. I couldn’t ask for a better mom!
 this is an old picture, but I just love it :)

          This summer was filled with quality time with my friends and family and it was such a great one. I wouldn’t change it for the world! I’m already looking forward to next summer!

Love yall! 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Tomorrow starts my finals. I am so jealous of everyone who is done already because as of right now, I haven't even taken 1 of my finals yet and its wednesday! Tomorrow needs to be a morning of prayer because I have math at 8am and econ at 10:30....whoever scheduled this obviously hates me. So I could reallllllly use your prayers from 8-12ish tomorrow! thank you all so much :)
I would give yall more of an update on my fascinating life but I'm a little preoccupied with studying at the moment..maybe tomorrow?

love yall :)